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     Middleton is a true Idaho farm town located at the northwestern edge of the Treasure Valley. The city of Middleton is a quiet community with a small-town, country living feel, yet still just a short drive to the area’s larger cities. The city is well cared for with beautiful parks and good schools. The area is full of wide-open spaces and rolling hills of farmland.


     The cost for property in Middleton is less than in many neighboring cities in the Treasure Valley. Buying acreages here are more affordable and allow people to fully enjoy the rural farm lifestyle. If you are looking for a small Idaho town full of charm, Middleton may be right for you. 

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Data collected from IMLS. Prices are sold single family homes only reflected from 01/01/2020 to current.  Average days on market and median sales price  are from first day of previous month to current.


Data collected from US Census Bureau